Founded in 2018, our mission is to bring up unlimited software & security capabilities to help industry succeeded. Focusing on Secure Software Architecture Design, Secure Network Infrastructure Design, Penetration Testing and Security Risk Assessment Service.

Secure Software Design

Security is integral to system architecture. It has to be part of the software engineering process. Ad-hoc design elements will break architecture if you try to retrofit security later on. By providing a Software Architecture Design based on Security Principle, Security Best Practices and Data Privacy will help your organization develops software applications securely.

Secure Network Design

Many organizations have a good computer network design from the begining but it turned into a bad practical computer network at the day it's compromised. By developing and applying modern SecOps methodology will keep your organization computer networks safety overtime.

Penetration Testing

There is no good software delivered without quality tested, no secure network implemented without penetration tested. We use security toolkit to cover 30% vulnerabilites and 70% remaining must be covered by customized and specialized to your system.

Digital Risk Assessment

Defining Risks are every important for security contingency plan and mitigation. With this service, your organization is safety and ready to be qualified by any required security compliance.

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